Hii I was wondering how you felt about people putting their art on their blog? With full credit on the about page?

umm.. to be safe, i wouldnt do it. not without asking. 

i know there are some pieces of my artwork i dont want people toting on their blogs in a self descriptive sort of way. a lot of my art is personal to me and involves my own original characters, so it feels weird to see people using them and i dont really like it. although, stuff like reblogs and likes and sharing my artwork with others really flatters me, thats what i want! or else i wouldnt post it online. but when it comes to making a layout or an about page or anything related to creating something out of someone elses work, it sort of becomes your own thing that describes you, am i right? so thats what makes me uncomfortable. i dont really want my art used like that. a lot of people may feel this way or something similar about their artwork being displayed by other people this way, and i think its totally valid for an artist to not want that. but also, a lot of artists would probably encourage you to use their artwork however you like if you love it, so: 

asking permission i think should be mandatory, for things like icons and making abouts/layouts/etc, especially when an artist is on tumblr or a similar art sharing and producing website where they are very easily accessible to you to contact. anything that has to do with YOURSELF rather than the artist. also when it comes to something like.. suppose youre shy or theres a language barrier, i think respecting the creator is much more important than whatever excuse one might have for not asking permission. 


Comostola laesaria. (x).


Comostola laesaria. (x).

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Cocoon and Evolved Metallic Mechanitis Butterfly Chrysalis from Costa Rica

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pink things I saw in cuba (part 3)


by laurence philomene

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8bit Serial Experiments Lain - Duvet

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Some inexplicable stuff for the RPG.

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i still have more clothes to sell! some are reposts for sake of organization and updated info:::: 

(f21) denim floral dress - $15 - size medium
(jcrew) mustard skirt - $10 - size large
(etsy) strokes tank - $5 - size small
(boy london website) boy london tank - $30 - medium (cropped by hand and never been worn!)
(nightchannels) x files shirt - $7 - size medium
(doc marten website) white docs $40 - toe is scuffed - us9 uk7

some of these are a little wrinkly due to being stored in a bag in my closet but i can iron them out for you if you ask ^_^

all shipping is $3 except the shoes im asking $6 for shipping. +$1 if youd like tracking on them.

for reference my bust is 37in and my waist is 29in. the only thing that doesnt fit me is the jcrew skirt which is too big on me. feel free to ask for measurements on any of these.

please be ready to pay when you ask for these. i only take paypal.

shoot me an email at scootchcat@gmail.com if you are interested. or, send me a mail/fanmail; tho i warn its unstable and doesnt always send, id suggest emailing.

my paypal is the same as my email.

ill delete items from this post if they are bought, so please check the original post and not any reblogs before asking me for an item.

thank you so much! ^^///